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At MCP Counseling, we have experienced therapists who are here to provide support services that are tailor-made to meet your needs.


MCP Counseling

MCP Counseling is here to help individuals and families to find a balance in life.  Between our day to day issues, family struggles, school, or work it is important to keep up with self-care and healthy communication.

 At MCP Counseling we offer the following services: 


Anger Management

Anger is a normal emotion that is part of life. However, when anger becomes excessive, it can feel overwhelming.

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Compassionate Counseling for LGBPQ

You may feel confused about your personal sexual orientation and identity. You may feel confused and uncomfortable revealing your personal sexual orientation to those close to you.

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Gender Counseling

Melinda specializes in working with children, teenagers, and adults in the gender diverse community. 

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Children, Adolescents and Family Counseling

Children and adolescents have their ups and downs just as adults do. Sometimes it is difficult to separate the typical developmental & transitional angst that children and adolescents go through with more persistent and serious issues.

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Melinda Porter, M.A., LPC-S

is a counselor in Carrollton Texas. Melinda began her career in education, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in education …

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