Does your child act like a raw mess of nervous energy and reactivity?  Now that the kids are back in school, their nervous system is becoming overloaded with signals from their surroundings: lights, voices, directions, temperature, and smells.  While some kids are able to process all this different input easily, most kids have some form of reaction to all that input.

Sensory Processing is the way a child’s brain copes with all the information they receive through all of their senses- sights, sounds, tastes, smells, touch- also proprioceptive information (their bodies in space, time, and movement).  If that sounds like a lot- it is!  As the brain grows, it creates pathways to adapt and understand sensory input- but like all learning experiences, support and guidance are necessary!

As caregivers, we can support our child’s brain growth by providing sensory-sensitive activities/ exploration for just a few minutes a day (and they are fun for adults, too)

5 Simple Sensory Stabilizers

  • Weight Work: carry something heavy (books, light weights) for at least ten steps then rest- do this 3 times
  • Darkness: sitting in the dark is very calming
  • Sand or Dirt: hiding objects, creating mud
  • Getting upside down: lay on your back with feet in the air, hang upside down in a chair
  • Blanket burrito: wrap up tight in a blanket, roll around if you choose


It is a process, and there are more of these types of activities out there for you and your child to explore!  If you would like to learn more or want some support for your child and family- please call me!

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