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Melinda Porter, MA, LPC-S AASECT CST

50 Minutes @


COUPLES / Families $150.00

 Monday -Thursday (9:00-5:00)

Friday ( online only )

MELINDA has SOME mid-day Sessions for request via the link above

All others can be SCHEDULED BY the administrative assistant

PLEASE CALL 469.701.2333



Supervision: $65.00 – $130.00 for individuals 



LPC: 50 minutes sessions

 Individuals $120.00

 Couples / families $130.00

Matt Edge, LPC, NCC

Karen Williams, LPC

LPC-Associates: 50 minutes

$90.00 individuals

$100 couples/families

Sapphire Coker, LPC-Associate

Sarah Harris, LPC-Associate

Stacey Jones, LPC-Associate, LCDC

Shlomit Oliel, LPC-associate

Mac Taylor, LPC-Associate

Ciara Billman, LPC-Associate


The session fee is due at the time of the session or by auto-pay by the end of the business day. Auto payments are made via the credit card used to create the account. All clients will be responsible for the entire fee if cancellation is less than 24 hours.

GFE information: as summarized in an APA article: “Beginning January 1, 2022, psychologists and other mental health care providers will be required by law to give uninsured and self-pay patients a good faith estimate of costs for services that they offer, when scheduling care or when the patient
requests an estimate.”

MCP Counseling is out-of-network. We provide a superbill on the first of the month for you to submit to your insurance. If you plan to use out-of-network benefits through your insurance company, remember to use your legal name at sign-in and tell your, therapist, your name.

Questions that you may wish to ask your insurance company include:

Do my benefits include out-of-network providers, if so does that included mental health benefits?

What portion will I be reimbursed or will go towards my deducible upon seeing an out-of-network mental health provider?

How and where do I submit my bills for out-of-network mental health services?

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